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2012 Jun 03     

Member Area Offline graphic

The member area of this site is offline for the time being. Verotel has changed it's billing programs and the verotel BASIC account option has too high a fee for this lone artist site.

Am looking into other options. In the meantime, the free content is still up.

2010 Jun 23     

Website will be down during the night at undetermined times on June 23 and 24. Our IP is doing hardware and software upgrades.

New Punished Cheerleader part 2 promo graphic

Aug 08 2008     

Supremegirl 2008 promo graphic

Supremegirl 2008, a flash created, slightly interactive, movie comic debuts in the free area. Find it on free art albums content page two.

Also, new feature here at DHC, clicking on Wondra, Guardian of the Free Art albums, page 1 or page 2, will zoom in on her and have her address you. Patience on the page 2 version may get her to do something she really doesn't want to do!

Just about all the pages have some little changes. Of note, is the member entrance page has some animation added, and a poser superheroine added to the group page. Click on member and group in the menu above.

Besides the free art albums on the site, I post some free stuff in the SDH yahoo group. Worth checking out if you don't want to miss those.

Mar 25 2007     

Punished Cheerleader, part II, has been added to the members section. The 2nd half, more than half really, of Dana Daring's adventure in peril is not to be missed. And won't be, for those who join up as a member.

I'd forgotten that I wrote that it 'should be up in february.' Well, it's taken awhile longer. It's also twice as long as I originally intended. Guess now I know better than to estimate when stuff will get posted.

I was going to raise the membership price with the release of this comic, but have decided to keep it at $4.25 for a while longer. So there's still time to become a member at this low price.

New Punished Cheerleader part 2 promo graphic

    Superheroine Velvet Victory, and Extended Tour
Mar 1 2007     

Velvet Victory promo graphic

New, hot, toon superheroine Velvet Victory graces the new Home page design. Complete with X-ray feature to look through her costume ala Superman's X-ray vision. Four pages.

The tour page slide show comic has been extended to more reflect the contents of the members area. I want to thank members for joining this site, and thus keeping it alive. Hopefully this will continue and I'll do my best to keep it worthwhile.

    New Sky Princess Art & Story Album in Member's Area
Feb 01 2007     

Those who've visited the free area art albums should be familiar with the free Sky Princess album; five pics of superheorine Sky Princess and adversary Rubberband Man in a battle royal, with Sky Princess getting the worst of it.

Now in the member's area is an updated Sky Princess album, with seven new full size images, a smattering of additional WIP (work in progess) panel images along with WIP text story. Members: feel free to post on the yahoo group if you have any suggestions of other Sky Princess artwork.

New Sky Princess promo graphic

    New Sky Princess Art Coming Soon
Jan 27 2007     

New Sky Princess promo graphic

Just a quick note and promo graphic to say new Sky Princess art coming soon to the member's albums area. The images already in the free Sky Princess album will remain there, for now anyway, but new Sky Princess comic art will go in the member's area.

Punished Cheerleader Part II should be up sometime in february. After that, I think will be another Superheroine album and some rough sketches.

I did post a magical image in the yahoo group's file section this past november 2006.

    Scribbler Cuffs and Rough Sketches Free Albums Online
Oct 20 2006     

The free album for Scribbler Cuffs, the ropeless, levitating, scifi-like bondage cuffs, breast bands, strapless ballgag, and other intriguing shape devices is back online. This idea was first introduced in Supremegirl II (a Scribbler photo story formerly at Superheroines.com). I wanted Lonnie bound in the story, and came up with Scribbler Cuffs to save on rigging time, allowing for more time devoted to taking photos!

The Rough Sketches albums collect various heroines in peril art pieces. All various styles that I was experimenting with over the years. A rough sketch usually refers to a sketch done quickly, roughly, not a finished piece. Of course, on this daring heroines in peril site, 'rough' has a built-in double meaning; it describes the sketch and the content. Anyway, these four free albums are up again. (Click on CONTENT and scroll down for link to Free Art Albums)

There isn't much money in the pay album attempt. It's covering the costs for keeping the site up, but that's about it. Initially, I was going to have multiple pay albums, but for various reasons, I'm going to change over to a single, low cost, pay-by-the-month area that I'll be tossing in whatever I do during each month, spare time permitting.

Scribbler cuffs graphic thumb

    Nine Free Albums Back Online
Jul 14 2006     

Wondra graphic

Nine of the free albums are back online: Supragrrl, Batlikegrrl, Wondrous Woman...so go take a look (click on CONTENT). The link to Free Art Albums is on the bottom of the main contents page. The still offline free albums are marked with an offline indicator. When I get a chance, I'll have those back up again too.

Supragrrl has a new quick sketch on her home page. And FlashGirl has been updated so she's better looking (somewhat...I really need to work on her some more!).

Ever so slight changes to North Park and Suprahero Convention. Various new text and layout changes everywhere.

This has pushed back work on my second pay album, but that's coming too...hopefully this month or the next.

Sadly, Superheroines.com is off-line indefinitely. Being a fan (and freelancer), I hope it comes back, but I can't say one way or the other what the chances of that are. Time will tell. My fingers are crossed.

    Free Albums Offline
Jul 3 2006     

Just so you know, the sponsor of the free albums server is down at the moment, so the free albums are not accessible. Am looking into it.

Wondra graphic

    Punished Black Cheerleader!
Jun 11 2006     

Cheerleader Halle Peril - thumb

Playing around with skin color hues, I created a black cheerleader (Halle Daring) version of Punished Cheerleader comic part 1, and have posted it in Pay Album One. Then decided to tweak with Dana's skin color and hair color, so did a version 2 of her comic with those and other changes. Looks better I think. Also added text options to both new revisions: character narrates, third person narrator narrates, or no text.

This will be the last update of Album One, I'm on to Album Two.

This update is a little late for members who joined the first week, so I'll be extending those memberships to june 20 (verotel will cancel first, then I can extend those memberships).

    New Bonus Comic for Album One
Jun 1 2006     

Pay Album One subscribing members will find a second bonus comic added to the album. Based on the aftermath that follows one of my more popular free images, a damsel in distress superheroine goes from experiencing the unthinkable, to having it made much worse.

Journey to Pay Album One to witness this pivotal event; the pinnacle realization of demise, central to the core, of any masked superheroine...

mystery superheroine promo graphic

    More Links
May 17 2006     

links thumbnail

Links section has been updated.

Main Links page also has a cute little heroine trap limited animation on it.

    Punished Cheerleader (part one) and Dash
May 12 2006     

Pay albums will allow me to put more time and effort into daring heroines in peril art, story, and hopefully, in the future (funds enabling)...live photo and video.

Starting off, I'm going to try to get a new album out at least once a month. I hope to grow this site in a myriad of ways, but I'll see how it goes.

Feedback is welcome. Join our yahoo group.

New Sky Princess promo graphic

    Ms. Astronomica
Mar 7 2006     

Ms. Astronomica - thumb

Links section has been updated.

Some changes to the site. Changed the home page to Ms. Astronomica meets the X-Ray lens. Made the old i-girl the 'tour' section. Made the 'entry path' graphics smaller so that it looks better in smaller browser windows.

Many people use 800x600 resolution, but more than before are using 1024x768. Most artists I know use 1280x1024 and above! These are the not so fun things webmasters have to keep in mind when designing sites. If everyone used the same browser and screen resolutions it would be so much easier!

Anyway, hope these changes are for the better. Ms. Astronomica certainly hopes you like what you see!

    Rough Sketches Room 400
Feb 22 2006     

While backing up hard drives, I found some fairly old art, vintage superheroine peril from long ago, when I used to have an art gallery within a famous paysite (I no longer maintain a gallery there). Anyway, for those who haven't seen them (and for those who have!), I've put 12 images in Art Album Rough Sketches Room 400 for your amusement.

I've been thinking it was time to start charging for future new art albums. Not sure though. Future new art content will have to wait until I decide.

Rough Sketches 400 - thumb

    Still Here!
Feb 4 2006     

links thumbnail

Links section has been updated.

...but busy. Have been working some on site redesign, and also working on new content. The release of which won't be too much longer. Today there is a new heroine image on the 'home' page.

Someone in the group couldn't get the Supragrrl cover to load, so I've tried to fix that. Gave it it's own page in the Supragrrl album and rewrote the html code. Also added some slide show text, and text on the final cover display.

Nov 23 2005     

Scribbler's Daring Heroines gets it's own URL, and a new look.

So...Welcome to www.DaringHeroines.com!

New images of heroines on the entry path and home page. Various new looks for some content pages. Supragrrl album has new image (a flash cover).

Got rid of passwords for the free flash movies (except for one).

Links section has been updated.

Daring Heroines. com thumbnail

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